Dedicated to one of the least know, most historical artifact of the United States.

The Celt/Sachem/USS Sachem SP-192/USS Phenakite PYc-25/Sightseer/Circle Line V... A 117 years old ship with one of the longest, most diverse and most historical career, which makes it much more than a ship.

  • Once a racing steam yacht
  • Then a anti-submarine patrol craft
  • A secret floating laboratory
  • A luxurious private yacht
  • A party-fishing yacht
  • Again an armed boat for coastal defence
  • And a sightseeing ship

" This boat is the only ever way to link Thomas Edison with the Panama canal, Madonna, the Prohibition and the Ohio river... "

... Unfortunately as you can guess the ship is currenlty in deep disrepair, as a forgotten footnote in the history of our country. She peacefully sits in a small waterway near Cincinnati, Ohio.

How the Sachem ended up 2600 miles inland is a years long adventure. Yet it is one of many in her history, from 1901 to 2019. The Sachem Project makes you travel through America in the 20th century, from the perspective of a loved ship which has seen it all.

Presidents having been aboard :

Warren G. Harding

Herbert Hoover

Other famous people having used the Sachem :

Thomas A. Edison (1917-1918)

Madonna (1986)

Appearances in movies :

Run across the river (1959)

Young Americans (1967)

And others

Estimated number of people having been aboard :

3 000 000 - 3 300 000

Military awards :

For serving the United States Navy, The USS Sachem (SP-192) / USS Phenakite (PYc-25) received the following awards whose ribbons are shown :

World War I Victory Medal

World War II Victory Medal

American Campaign Medal

About this website

These pages were made by a group of locals, maritime historians, ex-crew members and enthusiasts, seeking to preserve the memories conveyed by the Celt / Sachem / USS Sachem / USS Phenakite / Sightseer / Circle Line V, by researching her past and building her future, with a major restoration project.

The restoration

Because the Sachem is so akin to the US maritime History of the twentieth century, a restoration project is being prepared to put the ship back in service, to a much nobler condition, to serve as a floating museum. While the preparation takes long, you can discover how this will be done :

Get Involved

We need you. This is a once-in-a-lifetime project to be based on a nationwide campaign to save the Sachem. Every memory, every picture, every archive, every little piece, every volunteer hour, and every dollar matters. See how you can help restore a symbol of US history :