It's the story of a 186 feet long yacht that shared the History of the United States since 115 years. Everywhere it went, in every time, the USS Sachem was a symbol. This vessel was a racing steamer, a luxurious yacht, then a warship that survived two World Wars and which was a secret laboratory to win one of them. It was a famous fishing and party boat that saved hundred of families from starvation, later to become a sightseeing vessel that carried 2,9 millions passengers around New-York, and later to appear in a pop music video.

This website is dedicated to the thousands who have not forgotten the Sachem, to their children and grandchildren. It is also dedicated to the community of ship enthusiasts, historians or organizations who explore ways to preserve maritime history. Only a few are daring to bring back the Sachem to its original majesty. We are those. We are all different, like the many destinies of the ship, united by the same objective : Saving the cultural heritage of the Sachem.
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" This boat is the only ever way to link Thomas Edison with the Panama canal, Madonna, the Prohibition and the Ohio river... "

... Unfortunately as you can guess the ship is currenlty a wreck. It sits in a small waterway by the name of Taylor Creek In Petersburg, Kentucky, near Cincinnati. How the Sachem ended up in Taylor creek 2,600 miles away from New York is a years long adventure. Yet it is one of the many in the history of the Sachem. From 1901 to 2018, The Sachem Project unveils the most complete history of the Celt/USS Sachem SP-192/Sachem/USS Phenakite PYc-25/Sightseer/Circle Line V.

About this website

This hub was made in 2015 by and for a community of ex-crew members, locals, maritime historians and enthusiasts under the name The Sachem Project. The group seeks to preserve the USS Sachem through research on its past as well as its future.

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You can help and take part in the project in different ways : donate money for the preservation and the restor--ation,  or share photos, documents or even parts related to the vessel. Every dollar, every picture, matters.

Ongoing of the project

If you want to be informed, check the Updates page.

For now, most happen within our Facebook group (link below), it's the meeting place where you can talk, give advice, vote on polls, etc...