Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a local resident, kayaker, hitchhiker...


-Can I board the ship ?

The short answer is no : it is against the law, it is trespassing. The only legal way to see it is by kayak. The ship is a private property and on a private property. The many trespassers are a serious issue for the legal owners whom are strictly against anyone trying to board the vessel.
If nevertheless you really want to climb aboard for exceptional reasons (i.e. maritime appraisal, press, studies), you will have to contact the owners, for which we can guide you.

Notice added June 26th 2018 :

ghost ship owner visit legal notice

- Who are we ?  

We are a group from Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and well over : Ex-Circle Line Crew members, Navy retired, Maritime Historians, Relatives of Ex-Captains of the ship, locals and enthusiasts. Our intent is to secure the Sachem materially and legally with the objective of preserving the ship as a floating museum.

- Who owns the ship now?

The ship is currently owned by Mr. Miller, son of Robert Miller. The owners of the land are not related and are a local family.

- Where is the ship located ?

It is aground in a small waterway by the name of Taylor Creek in Petersburg, Kentucky, near Cincinnati, Ohio. 



- When and why was the ship beached ?

When Robert Miller bought it in 1985, he had the intention to restore it, unfortunately he lived at Finneytown near Cincinnati, way too far to regularly go repair his ship in New Jersey. So after a few week-ends driving from Cincinnati to New Jersey, he decided to bring the ship on a plot of land he purchased in order to continue the restoration, which is where the ship sits now. In 1988, after a 2600 mile journey, he beached the ship to anchor it on his property. Due to financial setbacks the restoration never occured and the tides made it impossible to move the vessel back. 


- How can I help ?

As of Sept. 2019 : Our group is not yet a formed nonprofit organization, as various legal parties need to approve our intention. When the administrative situation is clear, you will be able to support the preservation of the Sachem in four different ways :

  • Donating funds to the nonprofit organization.

  • Donating artifacts, pictures, documents or anything related to the Sachem.

  • Joining our volunteer board for the project as an individual or a company to offer help for the project.

  • Sponsoring and promoting the cause through medias, sponsors and by word of mouth.