Main sources

-Navsource and Online Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships : Everything about the ships in the US Navy. These entries displays the Sachem’s characteristics during the war and a basic history.

-Wikipedia : The Wikipedia page of Celt/Sachem/USS Sachem/USS Phenakite/Sightseer/Circle Line V.

Mels-place : Michael Daniewicz's website : a comprehensive directory of past and present fishing in the US, where the Sachem naturally has a place.

In the medias

- Article in The Kentucky Enquirer : A great detailed article about the Sachem with some testimonials.

-Article in Queen City Discovery : The 2013 article which made the ship popular on the Internet. Well-written, it was the first research in years and the base of ours.

-Article in Warship International  : Interesting insight that profiles the tale of the Sachem.

-Article in Overmanwarrior : A must-read, reflexive article on the past and present of the ship, featuring a 1986 article about the rescue from the scrapyard.

More pictures and videos

-Collection of public videos of the decaying Sachem or ‘Ghost Ship’ in recent years. On the YouTube channel of our organization.

-Photographic reportage by Michael C Wells : Displays amazing photographies of the decaying Sachem.

-Hagley Digital Archives : The Hagley Museum has loads of interesting ressources, this page shows photographies of the building process of a similar yacht and the Pusey & Jones shipyard.

-Lighthouse Point Yacht Club’s album: This Aurora,IN yacht club holds pictures of Robert Miller’s journey and arrival to Cincinnati with the Sachem, in the 1980’s.

-Video of a working Fairbanks Morse 37D14 : Although 300 horsepower lower than the Sachem’s , the tugboat Chancellor’s engine will make you feel what the engine sounded like.

Other historical ships

-Museumships : This organization informs people about most museum ships in the US, and even abroad. You can learn about many great restored ships there.

-Famous Historical Warships : This page is a little commentary about some important ships that made history, which were both passenger ships and warships in their lives.