The many people who have not forgotten the ship and share a common past with it, and especially the Sachem Project members, wish the Sachem to be prevented from destruction and restored. Thus to materially and symbolically save this highly important piece of American History ; saving as much as possible of the original materials and surfaces on the ship.

• The goal of our group is to conduct the restoration  of the Celt/USS Sachem/USS Phenakite/Sightseer/Circle Line V a.k.a "the Ghost Ship" to seaworthiness for use as a museum in the Cincinnati riverfront.

• We would want, as soon as possible, to prevent the damage made to the USS Sachem by constant and unrestricted public access. Indeed, over the past years the condition of the ship has reached a critic level — becoming dangerous for clandestine visitors.  

" History, heritage and legend give us code to proceed by, and a standard to measure up to."

— Admiral Richard K. Lukeman (1939-), president of the American Maritime Academy, who took care of the ship in the late 1970's.


Under developpment

To this day, the project plans is not made public. No agreement or engagement has been made, and legal procedures are barely started which means restoration is not going to occur soon, of course.

But if you think "why not ?", if you want to know more, we invite you to join our discussion platform.


The future of an irreplaceable part of our History is at stake !